Enemies with Benefits Mini-Talk


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“Rival Benefit” is the phenomenon by which different parties make each other better off in virtue of a disagreement between them. It’s named after Diego Rivera’s painting, “The Rivals” (1931), whose history happens to exemplify it.

Diego Rivera, The Rivals, 1931 (detail)

The story of the “The Rivals” is one example I make use of in a presentation, “Enemies with Benefits,” that I was invited by the University of South Carolina Libraries to give as part of their “Live @ The Library” series (a series of short talks by faculty for a primarily student audience). The talk took place over Instagram Live earlier today, which was a new experience for me. I think it went pretty well, despite the reversed camera which made it appear as if I was holding up signs written backwards. You can check it out below or on the UofSC Library’s Instagram Feed.

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