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I’m Justin Weinberg, a philosophy professor at the University of South Carolina. I teach and write about philosophical issues in ethics, politics, and society, and have given talks on these topics around the world. I also run the philosophy news site, Daily Nous.

I’m the father of two sons and one daughter, I have interests in art, music, humor, science, relationships, and the messiness of life, and I think it’s fascinating how much we don’t know.

This site is my place for brief thoughts on philosophy, life, and culture, as well as for sharing various things I find interesting. I’ve given it the name “Disagree” because I think disagreement is misunderstood and underappreciated, and readers are welcome to disagree with me (though do see this note about commenting).

You can read an interview with me here, learn about my approach to teaching philosophy here, and check out a piece at NPR that discusses my view about the value of philosophy here. I’m also on Twitter: @dailynouseditor.

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Available for speaking engagements and consulting. Email justinrweinberg@gmail.com.

The header image is from a series of photo collages I made of the Ravenel Bridge.
You can view more of my photos here.
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